Tuesday, January 13, 2015


In response to this day: This day was not what I expected. My food choices did not live up to my expectations. I am left feeling ashamed, defeated, sad, and disgusted.
But, tonight I am taking this negativity as an opportunity to be curious. “Is my day merely defined by the food that I eat?”
Today I woke up happy and committed to making it a good day. I woke up energized and inspired to make the most of this day. I treated myself to fitness with a healthy attitude, not to punish. I kept in mind this idea of compassion, “I am moving because it is what my body needs and deserves.” I enjoyed an easy yoga practice that calmed my mind. I walked and reflected upon my many thoughts. Today I was able to share the Gospel with my dear Pops. I met my cousin for a spur of the moment coffee date. All of this before noon!
I walked to the adoration chapel. Thank you Jesus for my life today! After this I felt inspired to keep sharing this energy so I took the drive over to visit my daddy at work. Oh the joy that someone’s smile and presence can bring to a day.
Despite what my eating disorder tells me, This day was not a loss. I did not sit at home and mope, nor did I punish myself when I felt at a loss for answers. This moment of disappointment and discouragement will not consume me to the point that I choose to hate today, and myself for that matter. Today was not a failure. It was a battle well fought. Today was a victory, in that I am able to recognize the shortcomings, but not let them define my day as failure. I am writing this note mostly to myself to make this fact undeniable: Today was a BLESSING.
I am learning, growing, and thriving everyday that I choose to see the challenges as opportunities and the losses not as failures but as precious lessons learned.
Thank you Jesus for today :)

....and a totally random photo of my kitty... but he makes me smile.
Ho Simey!