Friday, January 16, 2015

Blogging Inspiration, Friday Faves

I have been in quite a reflective mood these past few days... Alot of deep stuff on my mind... I will admit that I tend to ramble on about topics that mean much to me, but simply do not carry the same weight for those readers. My biggest fear is that my messages might carry a somewhat negative tone,when that is simply not my intent. My mission is NOT to complain nor request sympathy.  I am blogging for many reasons. At this point, it is deeply rooted in a desire to express. Its a way of putting my thoughts out there without forcing them upon anyone. So here take it or leave it :)

Writing brings me clarity. It helps me to sort through all of the craziness that crowds my mind. It helps me to make sense of the thoughts that seem senseless. Writing  brings me peace.  It allows me to let go of the unnecessary baggage- senseless rules, judgements, and ED thoughts. Writing enables me to forgive. myself and others. thoughts.  actions.  everything. It has given me the opportunity to reflect of the days trials and triumphs with recognition and acceptance, not judgement. 

More than anything I want to inspire. I want to show (not just tell) the world, my readers... YOU(!!!) that it is more than ok to struggle.  Pain, suffering, and tears do not make you weak. Showing your vulnerable side does not make you flawed. We all have vulnerable sides. Hiding our struggles does not make them disappear. Hiding pieces of your life, behind the perfectionist facade does not buy you more friends. It might even make you feel more lonely with the friends you do have. When your friends don't know whats going on in your life, they cant possibly understand. Most heartbreaking of all, they can not offer support if they are left in the dark. I guess what Im trying to say is I want my message to be one of acceptance and light. I want to inspire both myself and those who visit this page to Accept where you are right now. Love yourself right now. It is ok to desire change. But do not hate the things (struggles) that you desire TO change. Instead,  embrace them. Rise above the hate and punishment. It just a cyclical game that will not bring you success.  Decide today that your weaknesses do NOT make you weak, but but they will teach you how to be resilient.

Bottom line is that I want this experience to be a positive one for myself and those of you reading. I want my messages (even the deep and emotional ones ;) to bring understanding and acceptance. Thanks for bearing with me. More structured, directional posts to come. Bless you tonight, tomorrow, and always.
Believe in your goodness and ability to bring positivity to this world.
I believe in you.
And because This post was intended to be a recap of my friday faves... I will end on this note.
A few of my favorite *random* things of the week...

This post by Hungry Runner Girl. Do you workout because you LOVe or hate your body? I totally wish that I could say it is all about the love for me but that is simply not true. I am working towards that, and it is definitely a work in progress for me.

TEA. More specifically. YOGI tea. YOGI in a glass. because its better that way :) This is the ginger for those of you curious.

*The voice of your soul is breath*

Reading > CYbertime before bed. I have been trying my best to unwind with a book, rather than checking facebook, insta etc before bed. I act like its something I must force myself to do, but it is such a treat. I love me a good book.
Bed. Cozies. Book. Candles. Me Time Perfection.

Last but not least. These little angels. My inspiration. Joy. LIFE. Nathanael and Georgey. (no they are NOT mine)
It is impossible to look into the eyes of a baby and not have faith in something greater than science. Life is so complex. So precious. So beautiful.

Cheers to the weekend.
Love Sarah