Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting on that BBG Bandwagon.

Hello strangers.
It has been entirely too long!
I am in the midst of trying to juggle school, work, and a less than thriving social life. Oh the obligations of a twenty three year old ;)
Anyways  I am here to talk about this thing called BBG- a craze that I just happened to stumble across when I ran into my first BBG girls transformation photo/story. I have been following this girl on insta ever since and her transformation opened my eyes to this whole fitfam that this movement has created.
                  And what IS this BBG, you might ask?

For those of you not familiar with this program, it was designed by an Australian native and fitness guru Kayla Itsines. Check out her blog, follow her on instagram... do whatever you need to do. But, I am telling you that you will be inspired. Health is so much more than just those fluctuating numbers that we see on the scale. Health is about deciding to love yourself today and make the choice to be fit because you LOVE yourself not to punish. This is so the approach that Kayla takes, and the exact inspiration which I was craving.
Not to mention, the proof is in the pudding. There is no denying that success with this program will take time, hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. But, after spending months of spectating and wishing "what if" I have decided that I too am worth the results of health and happiness. I have  decided that I owe it to myself to take the leap and give this healthy lifestyle a shot. This is not about numbers and restriction for me. And this is the first time that I can say that with complete honesty. When it comes to joining any kind of "program" for me the bottom line has always been about the numbers (lost). Of course the transformation photos are so encouraging, and I would love to have a body that looks half as fit as some of these girls, but the bottom line for me now..... is that I know that this program produces lasting HEALTHY results.
Regardless of how much I hate my before photo and how ashamed I am to show it. Regardless of what The after photo  might look like; I know that the bottom line is, if I commit to this program I will be making choices that bring me closer to my goals with health.  With that I will say that I am so excited and inspired to get on this BBG train!


I will be starting both the workout program and H.E.L.P. (healthy eating/living plan) this coming Monday, February 2nd. As I mentioned before, this is no quick fix, but a twelve week program, that is intended to be carried on beyond the three months. I will be sure to post updates, reflections, progress in the weeks to come. Thank you as always for the love and support.