Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sieze ToDAY

We have all heard of the term "Once in a lifetime opportunity..."
This is usually used to describe something incredible, implying an opportunity that you should not pass up, it wont come again!

The crazy thing is that I believe each moment deserves that kind of attention and reverence. Why? Because each moment in our life is a once in a lifetime. This moment, right now, is something so uniquely spectacular because for all of eternity it will not come again. This moment, right now, is so precious because it will be done before I can think it.
Its done and in my past.

I can not go back and change my thoughts, or actions of the previous, so why on earth should I waste time criticizing it?  I know, a moment seems so insignificant in a day that consists of hundreds of moments. But piece them together and you have a beautiful collection of moments that comprise a day.

In twenty-four hours, I am gifted with moments of fear, shame, sadness, defeat, pain, joy, gladness, victory, comfort, love. Some moments are spent with friends, and others are spent with those whom we cant stand.  There are moments spent alone in precious solitude and reflection...these are my favorite :) The point is that each day is so unique and unpredictable, and with that said  there are so many ways to spend our moments in the day.

I believe that each moment is on its own- a gift, and its totally up to me to decide how I will spend it. Its crazy to think about- mind blowing! Imagine how much power we posses to create our own precious moments. 

But what gives one moment more value over any other? Nothing outside of our control. Whether you are facing tragedy or joyous celebration, the power of this moment lies well within your grasp. My words for you today are rather than to focus on the day, focus on  ceasing THIS moment. Right now is once in a lifetime, so take the opportunities of right now and live them to the fullest.

Throughout the ups and downs of this past years journey I have discovered so much peace in reclaiming the present moment. In the depths of my eating disorder days, and still some days now, it was not uncommon for me to waste an afternoon fretting over what I ate for breakfast, or better yet worrying about how I will fit a long enough workout in tomorrow.... But what purpose do these worries serve me in this moment?

Today I am trying dilligently to focus my all on each moment. This means being present and living in THIS moment, not the last or the next. Right now is where I am, and that is the only place I should be. I want to thank the past for what has taught me- through mistakes and misfortunes. I want to look forward to what lies ahead in the future. Most importantly though, I want to be content in this moment. That doesn't mean that I must do anything extraordinary, but simply to remind myself that I am here living in the now gives me the advantage in capturing the beauty of each moment.
With each exhaling breath I am trying to focus on letting go of the past moment and we saying goodbye to what is done.  I have enough to focus on in the here and now :)

How do I Seize my moments???

I *inhale* take in the beauty of spring blossoms

I do Yoga on the beach, at sunset, living in the moment.

I choose to not just feed my body, but to heal my mind body and soul with nourishing foods

I live in Peace babay`

I surrender the moment to Christ

Be good>loooking perfect saves worries from the moment

Walking and breathing is peace

cocoa berry bliss.