Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finding Purpose in Life. Creating a Purpose to LIVE

Recently I discovered a book that has literally changed my life and shifted my perspective. I have been turning to Matthew Kelly`s The Rhythm of Life for healing inspiration.Amazing Book. Highly recommend it.I have already read it once through, but am currently re-reading it and find myself, in times of 'crisis' turning to important points that I find applicable. I keep it at my nightstand as a lifeline of inspirational words and a reminder of where my priorities and purpose should lie. You might think im talking this up to be more than it actually is, but I challenge you to discover for yourself. Unlock the wisdom that occupies the pages of this book, and it will change your life.  Yes it is that good.  
Anyways to make a long story longer (side note my friend used this phrase the other day and it had me laughing inside! hehe) back to my reason for mentioning this book which also explains the above picture...... One of the most influential pieces of wisdom I took from this book, was the recommendation to construct on a life's purpose. To decide today, where we want our priorities to be, and to discover the keys to getting there. Matthew Kelly discusses the importance of creating a lifes purpose, and devoting ourselves to that goal, to strive for excellence, and to be fulfilled. Having a lifes purpose creates a standard within us and ignites a burning desire to always be moving forward in our pursuit of this purpose. Reading this was a wake-up call to me. It sparked many questions.  Do I even have a life's purpose? If so am I moving forward with this purpose? Am I happy and satisfied with the direction I am headed? What are my goals and desires? Are my choices leading me towards accomplishing these? Sadly my answer to question numbero uno was "No". 
By no fault or ill intent did I end up in this position, but I was not going to allow myself to continue in this passive state of ill-advancement. Honestly, up until this point of self proclaimed 'awakening,' I had never really given it much thought. I really had no concrete purpose in mind other than the general "I want to be successful" or "I want to be happy"... Which, I might add, there is nothing wrong with. But, for me, I knew that in order to be moving in a positive direction I needed a standard. His words spoke truth to me. I needed more. I needed to do some soul searching. My purpose was not something that I would just create in a day. I believe it is a compilation of my values and strongest virtues. My purpose was created by God. We all have a reason to live. It takes some time and effort. It takes some reflection on both our strengths and weaknesses and discovery of how those traits might serve us in our pursuit of our God-given purpose.
My Life`s Purpose:
To trust in Christs plan for me- to Surrender control. To Inspire through my actions, and to be Humbled by the circumstances of my life that are out of my control. To Love and to allow myself to Be loved. To Live and to let life happen. To Pursue and Live my Dreams. Everything to Honor you. 
Everything to Honor YOU.

Happy Wednesday